Know When to Your Clean Hot Tub Water

So, how often do you change out your hot tub water?

Figuring out when to change your hot tub water doesn’t have to be hard. There are a few rules of thumb that can help take out the mystery from hot tub maintenance.
Hot tubs are a bit different from a pool because they are smaller and the water sits warm. The warm water can easily grow bacteria and other bad things, so refilling it appropriately helps keep it clean and safe.

Your hot tub water will let you know – if you know what to look for.

You’ll be able to tell your hot tub water needs to be drained and replaced by keeping an eye on it.
So take a moment and really listen to your hot tub and what it’s telling you. What does the water look like? Clear or cloudy? Clean or Foamy? What does it smell like? Chlorine or something that makes you wrinkle your nose? Any of these symptoms means it probably needs a refill.

Check your filter. If you find you need to clean it out more and more frequently, that is a sign that the water needs a change.
Use our Filter Flosser to easily clean your filter if it’s dirty after checking it!

Keep up with your hot tub maintenance schedule.

Have you been testing your hot tub water regularly and maintaining the proper balance of chemistry? If you have, that’s wonderful. But it also means you’ve been adding chemicals, probably a lot of them.

Even if your hot tub water isn’t smelly or foamy, it’s smart to refill it regularly to keep it running at its best. And whether you use your hot tub all the time or just once in awhile, if you are following the proper maintenance routine you are adding chemicals to it weekly. Those chemicals can build up over time causing the water to be risky for your health. So even if it seems to be fine, it may need a change. This is where your calendar is going to come in handy.

When was the last time you changed the water?

An easy way to see how often you should change the hot tub water is to look at your calendar. If you’ve done the math right, you should have days marked out on your calendar.


Here’s how:
•Take the spa capacity in gallons, then divide by how many people regularly use the tub. •Take that number and divide by three. So for example, a 400 gallon spa with 2 people using it on a frequent basis would need the water changed every 66 days or so. Here’s how we did it: 400/2 = 200, 200/3 = 66, or every 2 months.
Don’t make your chemicals work too hard. Keep your hot tub plumbing happy with draining and refilling your hot tub water only when it needs it – not more or less. Listen to your hot tub and keep an eye on your calendar, and you’ll be enjoying the best relaxation your hot tub can provide for years to come.

Have additional questions on how to clean hot tub water? If so contact us today and we will help you in any way we can!