Installing a Swim Spa (Indoors or Outdoors)

Thinking about owning a swim spa? There is more than one reason why you should be delighted about buying one. A swim spa is your personal leisure space that also offers innumerable health benefits. But before you seal the deal with a master spa retailer, you must know the basic steps of installing one.

Pick a nice place to install a spa either indoors or outdoors. A swim spa is generally installed outside the home; nonetheless, if you got a huge basement, you can also install the spa there.


Outdoor swim spa

In case you are going for an inbuilt swim spa, the space where it will be installed has to be dug deep and wide enough so as to allow enough room for the vessel.


In build swim spa skeleton

Planning an indoor swim spa? The space should ideally be made out of concrete for spas that have to be built over the ground. You can also think about an in built spa setting for indoor installation.


Placing the spa

Once you have dug the space to install the step, the step is to provide for the wiring and the power. Electric circuits that are too small in size may keep fusing time and again. Also note that every swim spa has a different power requirement.


Spa Wiring

Next, you will have to arrange for a power circuit and place it near the swim spa. Without power arrangement, the swim spa won’t be able to function and will remain a mere pool of water. Small electric circuits and poor power arrangement is something that can void your warranty on the swim spa.


Spa Power Arrangement

Having completed the installation of the vessel as well as having made the arrangements for electricity, you should now fill it up with water.


Water Level in Spa

Doesn’t your indoor Michael Phelps Swim Spa look breathtakingly beautiful? If you have installed the vessel outdoors, that’s splendid too. This is how the space might be looking right now:


Spa Swim Spa with Spa

OR…Like this


Swim Spa with Spa Cover

OR..Maybe even like this..


Refreshing Swim Spa