How to Keep Your Spa Water From Freezing

The Importance Of Checking and Preventing Your Spa Water From Freezing

During these cold and blustery winter months, checking your spa daily or bi-weekly is very critical to prevent any damage to your spa.

Seeing as your water can freeze pretty quickly in cold temperatures, making sure your spa is running and up to the appropriate temperature is critical. No one wants their spa to turn into an ice skating rink!

Thankfully, it is a very simple process to make sure everything is how it needs to be. Simply head to your spa, lift up the cover and check the control panel to make sure your spa is on and up to the appropriate temperature.

If you have a 24-hour circulation pump installed, make sure that it is still moving water. If you don’t have that specific type of pump, turn on your pump (1) and let it circulate to make sure everything is working correctly.

But what if my spa water is already frozen?

If you head out to check your spa and the water happens to be frozen already, disconnect all of your pump unions and heater unions. By doing this action, it will give the spa water a place to drain once it thaws out. Additionally, this prevents any further damage to components of your spa such as the plumbing.

*In order to avoid a situation such as the above, we suggest you speak to an insurance agent before something unfortunate happens. Agents will explain what your policy covers and doesn’t cover and help you get the right coverage for your situation (such as if the water freezes, etc.) More information about coverage for your frozen hot tub can be found here: Is My Frozen Hot Tub Covered By Insurance?

My spa quit working, now what?

If your hot tub doesn’t seem to be working, there is a small tweak you can do to adjust it until it can get serviced:

-Take off the front panel that is located underneath the control panel.
-Put a small ceramic heater inside to prevent everything from freezing. (Ceramic heaters are available at your local hardware store).
-Be sure the front of the heater isn’t touching anything when installing. After installed – simply put the front skirt back on. (And then call to get your spa serviced!)

If you have any additional questions about how to keep a hot tub from freezing, feel free to contact us at 855-308-2149.