Hydrotherapy for Arthritis and Asthma

The two most popular types of ailments people use hydrotherapy to treat are: arthritis and asthma. However, this is not to say that hot tub water is a “magic bullet” or instant cure for arthritis and asthma. But hot water therapy can actually be used for treating both the diseases.



Benefits of Hydrotherapy for Arthritis

Arthritis is a fairly common disorder that affects our joints, and it usually progresses as we age. Generally leads to swell and become painful and sometimes difficult to move, especially after heavy or moderate exertion. Doctors recommend warm baths such as hydrotherapy to treat arthritis. It has been shown that hot water treatment is much more effective than dry heat treatments, such as heating pads. Warm soothing water supports body weight allowing for gentle exercise and movement of limbs within the water, thus increasing mobility and is known to help with joint pain associated with arthritis.

Benefits of Hydrotherapy for Asthma

Hydrotherapy tub treatment can alleviate the symptoms of common diseases found in the trunk as chest congestion, bronchitis and asthma. Soaking your body in warm water helps increase blood flow to the heart and lungs and other internal organs, helps tone muscles, reduce the size of varicose veins, ease nervousness and headaches, and help relieve irritated vocal cords.

Hot tubs can be good for a asthma, arthritis, circulatory diseases, back and neck pain, muscle cramps, muscle weakness, diabetes, muscle, bone and connective tissue injuries, and stress and stress-related disorders, hydrotherapy is fast becoming a popular and beneficial home health treatment.    However, if you want to realize the effectiveness of this hydrotherapy, and sustain the positive momentum that warm bath provides, you should embrace master spa accessories for maximizing the positive outcomes.