How to Take Care of Your Legacy Hot Tub

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Legacy Hot Tubs

How To Take Care Of Your Legacy Hot Tubs

Legacy hot tubs are a great stress buster and are known to be extremely durable. One of the biggest reasons for their popularity, however, is the fact that they are comparatively cheaper. If you own a legacy spa and use it religiously, there will be a need to give it the care it deserves. This will not just make the spa experience more enjoyable but will also extend the life span of the tub.

Things to consider when taking care of a hot tub:

Cleaning and Draining the Jets

Cleaning the jet is not a difficult task. Take the equipment out, place it inside white vinegar and keep it overnight in the liquid. Then rinse it with water the subsequent morning and fix it back. You will require a toothbrush to get rid of the residue from the cover.

Draining water from the tub is yet another chore you must perform from time to time. You can utilize the sump pump to drain the water quickly.

Regular Maintenance

It is advisable to cover the spa when it’s not being used. This will help the water get heated more quickly and will assist in saving a lot of energy. As a result, water loss and chemical use will also lessen. However, once you put in chemicals, try keeping the spa open for a minimum of 15 minutes to avoid any damage.

Never leave the spa uncovered in direct light to avoid discoloration or any other damage.

Secure The Outer Shell And Cover

During the process of taking good care of your spa, it is essential to give proper attention to the spa cover. Extreme climatic conditions including sun, wind, snow or rain can harm the outer coating of the tubs. There are numerous protective accessories available that can offer the required protection.

Preventive maintenance will add several years to your legacy spa. However, in case general maintenance does not work and problems persist, you must contact the professionals to rectify the problem.