lots of moving boxes in white room

Are you moving AND you own a hot tub? If so, it's important to know the do's and don'ts when it comes to the actual moving of the spa... so take a look below and get your questions answered!

First, who’s moving the hot tub?

Weigh the options for moving your hot tub or spa. If you are not interested in moving it yourself, there are plenty of great movers out there who can affordably move for you. I simply did an online search for local movers and a ton of them came up. Always, ALWAYS read reviews before deciding on a mover.

However, this article is for those who want to move their hot tub or spa themselves. I rented a U-Haul first since they are inexpensive and easy to handle on the road. A few other items you will need are two furniture dollies, nylon straps, and two 2x4 boards.

Checking Parts

Before moving you’ll want to double check your system to make sure everything is in working order. For the move you will be draining the hot tub, so you might as well make repairs or upgrades during this time. I have already found the best replacement parts for you. Replace any broken heater, massaging jet, lighting, pumps, hoses, circuits, or hardware. A new home is often a new beginning so I recommend upgrading your damaged cover and cracked head rests as well.

Your First Steps

First thing to do is to drain your hot tub. Wash out all residue and rinse.
Next you will want to pack up all parts individually. You do not want to damage them during the move. (If you have replacement parts mentioned above then install them after the move.) During this step remove the cover completely. I do not recommend moving the hot tub with the cover on since it could get damaged or shift under pressure from the straps. Now that your tub is ready to move, trick friends or family members to come help you. (This is the most difficult step.)

Let’s Get Moving!

With your friend helping, tilt the tub on its side. Take great care during this step and do not lift it by yourself. Two or more people lift one side toward the other until it is upright.

Nex,t have two or more of you lift the one side, with another friend placing the 2x4 flat under the one corner. Watch out for fingers! Then switch sides, lifting the other and place a 2x4 flat underneath the opposite corner.

Now the hot tub sits on its side about 2 inches off the ground. Slide both dollies under the hot tub next to each board. (One near each corner.) Strap the hot tub securely to each dollie.

Last, you can move the hot tub by tilting it back with both dollies, with a friend helping. Wheel it up your U-Haul ramp and you are good to go! Congrats on the move!