Guide to Hot Tub Warranties

We often hear people ask, are hot tub warranties worth it?

Before you buy I would remember a few things:

  • You always want to make sure that the company you are buying from is reputable. I always check carefully that they have great reviews from the Better Business Bureau.
  • Another great way is to check out actual customer reviews. Many have had the hot tub for years and would comment on hot tub warranty status as well. You can find customer reviews online through popular search engines. You can read master spa hot tub reviews on many hot tub websites as well.
  • Make sure they show you the master spas warranty personally, printed out. If they make you download the warranty perhaps it may not be as delightful as promised. If they hand you a hard copy then you can have them explain any questions you may have.
  • Is the master spas warranty offered by a third party? Remember to ask that question. If the warranty is third party you should check reviews of them as well. Some third party companies will not have reviews, if that is the case I would be wary.
  • Some hot tub warranties require the tub be delivered to a manufacturer. Some warranties promise fixes brought straight to your residence. Make sure you know which is offered in your warranty. If they have to ship to the manufacturer, do you have to pay for freight?

Remember, this hot tub or swim spa is yours. You should know as much about every aspect as you can before you buy. Warranties are a great thing to have, they cover you in many cases if anything breaks. That is why I always get a warranty but I do my research before signing on the dotted line.
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