Hot Tub Pillows and Headrests

Recently, a couple of my Master Spa headrests began to crack… and a few months ago, I lost another one when the wind took it during a storm!

Thing is, this happens more often than you’d think – and thankfully it’s an easy fix and replacements are easy to find and quick to change in and out. As stated above, over time your master spa headrest or pillow can crack, fade, become bleached, get lost, and the list goes on. Though durable, time can be cruel to your comfortably designed pillows and headrests. If you are like me, comfort is paramount while I am in my spa.

Resting my head without a pillow was uncomfortable and the ones that remained had cracks that itched and poked at my neck. So I went to the Master Spa Parts website and ordered brand new spa headrests. Why did I pick Master Spa Parts?

1. They custom mold many headrests to give you proper head and neck support. Having a supportive pillow helps relieve stiffness or any tension in the neck.

2. These headrests are incredibly simple to install or mount by yourself.

3. The selection was vast. Master Spa Parts offers twilight flex, wrap-around pillows, euro styles, neck pillows, waterfall pillows, the famous Legend Lounge, and more!

4. The spa headrests and pillows are affordable. Master Spa Parts also offer free shipping on orders over $99 within the continental United States. And remember when ordering… the year, model, and make of your spa or hot tub will determine which type of pillows you need to fit properly! Unsure which headrest to order? Do what I did –  contact the helpful customer support team at Master Spa Parts!