Hot Tub Myths: Truth vs. Fiction

Owning a spa or hot tub is a great experience, and you can get hours of joy from them, on top of major benefits such as relaxing your muscles!
However, there are common hot tub myths that may be preventing you from making the investment… let’s take a look at a few and determine the validity of them!

MYTH #1: Hot Tubs Aren’t Sanitary

Hot tubs are typically more sanitary than pools. This is because the filtration system is about the same size as a pools, but is handling much less water.

However, you should be cleaning your hot tub filter more often than your pool. Body oils and detergents build up faster in a hot tub than they do in a pool and grime lines can form around the water surface, and oils clog the filter quickly. A hot tub filter should be chemically cleaned every six weeks, versus a pool filter that requires attention about once a year.

MYTH #2: The More Jets, The Better

While advertising more jets can be a decent selling point, they don’t have the benefits you might imagine. Different jets have different jobs; some pulsate while others massage. But in the end power output is the same, so it does not make a lot of sense to purchase a tub with 100 low power jets over one with 40 powerful jets positioned exactly where you want them. Take a test run in a hot tub before you buy it to make sure it hits your typical sore spots.

MYTH #3: Hot Tub Maintenance is Costly

We are not going to lie, taking care of a hot tub does require some work on the user’s part. However, it doesn’t require much of a financial investment! A few chemicals and some test strips equate to a monthly investment of $20 or so. Filters and filter cartridges require infrequent replacement, as mentioned previously, and cost approximately $40. A top-notch cover can keep your hot tub’s electricity cost at $15 a month or so. That’s quite a deal when compared to the benefits you will receive from your spa.