Steps to Take If Hot Tub Isn’t Heating

So, the heater on your Master Spa has finally quit… bummer!

Often times when the heater has stopped, it has to do with the heater element or even the spa controller.  Master Spa Parts has the replacement parts and heaters to keep your spa running and warming like new. But, what steps should you take when the master spa heater isn’t working?

Take a close look at the heating element.

Does it have a burn spot? Is it cracked or damaged in another way? If yes, then you may need a new Master Spa Heater.

Does it seem undamaged?

If so, call MSP to diagnose exactly what is wrong with the heater. They can help determine the part needed for repair. Do not know which heater part you need? Take a look at the first five numbers on your heater, you can find the numbers under the barcode. Compare that number to the V/N number on the Master Spa Parts website.

Has a part simply broken within the heater?

If the problem is a simple fix by replacing a part that may have broken, I would check out the Master Spa Parts website for any replacement parts. They are the number one supplier of Master Spa parts. Easily find your needed part online. Including; Master Spa pressure switches, heater straps, temperature sensors, and more. Remember, to compare your five digit number to the V/N number when ordering on Master Spa Parts You can find replacement parts easily following this link.

Does the heater need to be replaced?

If a single part is not to blame for the malfunction, try replacing your heater with a brand new Spa Heater from Master Spa Parts. The quality from Master Spa Parts is top notch as they sell only authentic OEM Master Spa heaters and parts. As a bonus, all orders over $99 ship for free in the continental U.S. To order a new spa heater, click this link.

Want to repair it yourself?

Take a look at our “How To Replace Your Master Spa Heater” tutorial video. And please, after watching, please give us a call with any questions!

For further reading about Master Spa Heaters and parts, I always check this link to the Master Spa Parts website. Their knowledgeable staff is always helpful.