Hot Tub Chemicals – Things You Should Know

Hot tub chemicals

Hot tub chemicals

If you are lucky enough to have your own hot tub it is important that you know how to keep it clean and safe. Hot tub chemicals keep your Hot tub fresh, clean, balanced and odor-free. Bacteria proliferation in a hot tub is a very common problem and two hot tub chemicals used to prevent bacteria growth are Chlorine and Bromine. But there are few more chemicals that you must have in your collection to keep your hot tub in good condition for long.

Types of chemicals required for a hot tub…

Hot tub Sanitizers, test strips, chlorine-free Sanitizers, cover cleaners, hot tub conditioning and balancing chemicals, hot tub cleaners and hot tub Clarifiers and shock are some hot tub chemicals that are must to give your hot tub a long life and your family a better health.

Cheap chemicals and damage caused by them…

Beware of cheap chemicals that will generally smell very strong and tends to cause damage very quickly. If used in a brand new hot tub cheap chemicals can damage the acrylic surface in just 1 week, so it is important to get advice on which chemicals to be used.

Cheap chemicals can cause damage to rubber surfaces like – pump shaft seals, jet seals, light seals. The adverse effects include the handles and dials bleached, control panel overlay fluffing on edges, Stainless steel trims rusting and much more.

Moreover, use of low quality hot tub or spa chemicalscan cause harm to you also and the effects include skin irritation, skin bleaching and burning, rashes, discoloration of dyed hair, etc.

Thus, right selection and collection of hot tub or spa chemicals is very crucial for the good health of your hot tub and your family.