How to Maintain the Goodness of a Hot Tub

Prepared by Master Spas, this infographic is an informative social media tool, which comes handy for all hot tub owners. Spa maintenance is not just a matter of choice. It is essential for the health and the well-being of your hot tub as well as your own body. The infographic, in pictures and facts, describes the process as well as components of hot tub/spa care. The first part of the infographic details on spa care in just 6 steps.

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The next part of the infographic has been allotted to the products that are used in hot tub care and maintenance. The third part focuses on three main components that spa care envelops. These include: precaution, safety and repair. Another element of the infographic talks about ‘3 STEP FILTER CLEANING’. In a nutshell, the filter cleaning process includes detaching and rinsing, chemical usage and final rinsing. A section is also allocated to the importance or need of maintaining a hot tub or spa, which details on some basic reasons why every spa owner must pay proper heed to the condition of his or her spa/hot tub.

The idea or the aim of the infographic is to provide valuable information to users in the simplest manner possible. The information is easy to grasp and the design of the infographic is minimalistic yet appealing. A clutter free presentation makes the infographic look appealing. Last but not the least, the information given has been tested and validated for spa care.

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