Defining the New Era of Swim Spas with H2X Swim Spas

What if you could swim in your backyard anytime no matter what is the weather, or watch your kids or grand kids enjoy playing in water at the perfect temperature? Or imagine at the end of a long hard day being rejuvenated by powerful therapy jets. Well, all of these things and more are possible with the revolutionary line of H2X swim spas. It’s like the H2X stretches your summer, well, endlessly.

The H2X spas from Master Spas have totally reinvigorated the swim spa category, graceful European inspired lines and the largest swim spa available are just a start. The heart of an H2X is the patented ExcerSwim propeller driven propulsion system. Instead of the fire hose at a prison riot feel you get from the jets of an ordinary swim spa, the H2X propeller drive system gives you a turbulent free current that’s wider, deeper, smoother, and faster than any other portable swim spa, and to top it off you have complete control of the speed with the exclusive patent pending Swim Number system. With the touch of a button you can take the flow from zero to 60 or anywhere in between. So, what’s your swim number?

And now, you can also pick the size that’s right for you. The original H2X is 16 feet 8 inches long and is the perfect swim spa for the serious swimmer or for the family that wants a backyard fun center. It also gives you the legendary Master Spas’ extreme therapy seat and a unique standing therapy cove to help rehabilitate back, knees, or hips. The all new H2X Cross Trainer is just 14 and a half feet wide but still has plenty of space for swimming, plus there is seating for up to six and the standing therapy cove.

Of course, luxury touches abound on both models. The standard waterfalls are dramatically lit by the deluxe LED lighting system and stainless steel grab rails are conveniently located to help with exercise or therapy. The optional high end iPod ready stereo features deluxe pop-up speakers, tweeters, a subwoofer, and special underwater transducers that allow you to listen to your favorite music while swimming or working out. And the handsome Master Select Skirt is available in two new designer colors, but the H2X is about much more than just swimming. You can walk, run, or do Pilates. Add the optional aquatic exercise system to strength train, jog in place, or even row. The H2X and the all new H2X Cross Trainer is the shape of a better swim spa.