How to Buy a Used Hot Tub or Spa

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Not all can afford to buy a brand new luxurious spa… Buying a used spa is certainly a fine way of investing a lesser amount of money to get a luxurious spa experience when compared with buying an expensive new spa. Although hunting for a good pre-owned spa is not an easy task, but a good deal can at least save you a considerable amount of money.

Where to Look for a Used Hot Tub

Try your local dealer. Many dealers refurbish used spas and then resell them to the public.  The cost may be higher than what you expect, but you can be assured the hot tub was repaired by an experienced technician with quality parts.  These spas usually come with some sort of warranty and are in perfect working condition.

Another place would be the classifieds in your local newspaper or online that can really help you to grab a good deal. Families often are forced to sell their fine running hot tubs when they move and these spas are really good options to consider.  Purchasing a second hand hot tub via these channels can save extra money, however sometimes the spas need fixing and finding the correct spa parts is left up to you.

What to Avoid in a Used Hot Tub

A spa not used for a long time or kept empty for a while is like an old car that deteriorates standing in an old garage. Concentration on electrical gears will cause corrosion and dire connections. Pump motor shafts can corrode and lock up from lack of use. Seals and gaskets can dry out, contract and cause water leaks in the future after refilling.

On the other hand, the exposure of an exposed acrylic shell to direct sunlight for extended periods of time can cause noticeable blistering of the acrylic layer, or hidden delamination of the fiberglass underneath shell reinforcement. This is an irretrievable damage caused to a hot tub with no water in it.

Hence, when shopping for a used spa or hot tub evade from buying an unattended or stored unit unless you are prepared to perform extensive repairs.
Spa Parts play a major role!

Although buying a used spa or hot tub in good condition should be a priority, it is not always an option.  If you decide to purchase a spa or hot tub that requires repairs, be sure to allow a budget for replacement spa parts and/or accessories.   Replacement of spa parts and the addition of spa accessories will definitely add to your experience. Spa heaters, spa chemicals, spa filters and other hot tub parts and supplies should be kept in mind when searching for a used hot tub.  You will need them eventually and it is best to plan ahead.

Once your pre-owned spa is bought and settled, you will enjoy the magical and soothing spa moments for years to come.