EcoPur Spa Filter for Better Water and Easy Maintenance

Starting up a Master Spa

Master Spa eco pur

You may have not put much thought into filtration systems when you originally purchased your hot tub.  However, the spa’s filter is a very important component. A good filter keeps the water clean, clear, and free from contaminants.

An Eco Pur spa filter is one of the most advanced filtration systems offered in today’s market.  The Ecopur technology not only removes dust, dirt, and debris, but also decreases the need for harsh chemicals to sanitize the water.  In addition, the natural mineral purification system used in Eco pur filters helps to stabilize pH and alkalinity.

By decreasing the amount of chemicals you add to your water, a Master Spa eco pur filter can significantly extend the life of your hot tub.  Too many chemicals in your water affect the spa’s components by increasing deposits and corrosion.  Excess chemicals can also cause extra wear on swimsuits and skin irritations.  Master Spa eco pur filters are the best way to maintain clean and clear water with the least amount of chemicals and master spa maintenance procedures.