Draining a Hot Tub: Why?

Part of owning a hot tub is keeping up with the maintenance. In additional to routine filter cleaning, draining the spa is important.  Even though your water may be clear and seem clean, it is still essential to regularly drain and refill the water.


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Why Drain a Spa

• Chemical build up: A certain amount of filler is present in each liquid or powdered chemical.  Reputable spa dealers sell chemicals with minimal amounts of filler; however, they are still there to act as a buffer. These fillers build up in the water and over time they can make it difficult to balance the pH, hardness, or sanitizer levels. Since there is no way to remove the fillers from the water, the only solution is to drain and refill the spa.

• Clean or replace the Filters: Regular filter maintenance is very important.  Routinely rinsing the filters is a great way to keep them clearn.  If you think your filters would benefit from a deeper, more thorough cleaning, you can soak them in a cartridge clearner while your spa is empty.  Draining your spa gives you an opportunity to give the filters more attention without worrying about your spa running without the filters.

• Make necessary repairs: Some repairs can only be done while the spa is drained.  This includes changing out pump freeze plugs, replacing heater gaskets, and replacing pump o-rings.  If your spa is 5 years or older, it would be prudent to change these things out even if you have not had an issue to date, to prevent having to drain your spa again if a gasket or plug does fail.

• Clean other components: It is easier to clean the shell and jets when the spa is empty.  While your spa is drained, you can easily wipe down the acrylic and remove your jets.  Take this opportunity to soak your jets in a stain and scale remover or some vinegar to remove any mineral deposits.  Make sure to rinse any parts that you remove and clean before putting them back in the hot tub.

If you have thought about adding a spa coverlift, it is best to install it while the hot tub is empty.  After you have finished cleaning, replacing parts, and making any additions, you can begin refilling your spa.  If you need help or have questions regarding the best way to fill your tub, contact your dealer for assistance.

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