Keep Your Spa Clean with Different Spa Chemicals

Various types of chemicals need to be used to keep the hot tubs sanitized and sparkling clean. These different types of chemicals are added to the hot tub water to keep it free from different types of impurities and germs. Water contains different types of contaminants and germs that may affect your skin. The Spa Boss chemicals are among the best type of chemicals used to sanitize the spas and hot tubs.

Spa Chemicals Commonly Used

Sanitizer is one of the most vital master spa chemicals used for destroying the bacteria present in the spa water. Chlorine and bromine are the two different types of spa Sanitizers used for sanitizing the spas. However, it is important to maintain the right level of Sanitizers as too much chlorine can cause skin irritations. Most people prefer to use bromine instead of chlorine as no particular odor emancipates from bromine. Chlorine gives off an unpleasant odor when it is used in warm water. However, these chemicals are available in different forms which include granules, tablets and so forth.

Spa Chemicals

Spa Chemicals

The chemical balance of the spa water should be checked every week. There are different chemicals to raise the PH level of the water. Spa-up chemicals are used to raise the PH level of the spa water. Spa-down chemicals can be used to lower the PH level of the water to make it more acidic. It is important to balance the PH level of the water so that it seldom scales the surface of the spa tub. Acidic water can cause corrosion of spa tub parts.

Spa Boss spa shock is another important chemical used for cleaning the spa water. It removes dead organic materials, cosmetics, oils and other contaminants from the water. Spa shock can be used once in a week to purify hot tub water.

Ozone can also be used with chlorine to cleanse the hot tub. However, these chemicals should be used with Ozonator for better results. Most of the chemicals can cause skin irritations so it is important to use chemicals in appropriate amounts. The chemical balance of the water can be identified by using a test strip.