How to Choose the Right Hot Tub

Spa Pillow

Spa Pillows

So, finally you decided to get a spa or a hot tub at home. Buying a new spa or hot tub is a big decision and an expensive one, too. This can be confusing especially when the buyer has not done any research on hot tubs. The spa and hot tub market is overloaded with options, and it might become difficult for you to choose spa that fits to your needs. Here are few things to keep in mind when considering your purchase:

Portable or in-ground? – This is the most significant aspect that can be the biggest determining factor. Portable spas and hot tubs are far cheaper than the in-ground ones and your decided budget will be the first influence in which direction you choose to go.

Extra features – What features do you see in your ideal spa or hot tub? Make a list of features you want in your spa like spa pillows, CD player, removable jets, theater systems, insulation, specialized filtration, etc. Keep in mind what you are using the spa for (family time, therapeutic reasons, etc),the climate of where you live, and where the spa will be positioned.  Decide which features are the most important to you and what features you would like but would be willing to exempt.

Type of Spa jets? – The type of jets in a hot tub or spa determines what kind of therapeutic experience you will have. If you need spa just to relax it doesn’t matter as much, but if you will be using the spa for therapy reasons, jet type and positioning is very important. For example, there are jets with various strengths and types of pressure gearing to different body parts. Pay attention to how your body will align with the jets to make sure they will be positioned how you want them.

Hot tub cover – A hot tub cover is not similar to any other accessory, in fact it must not be called an accessory as it is an essential part of the spa and very important for the maintenance as well. Look for the hot tub cover quality offered with model, as a good cover can cut on your power bills in the future.