Costs of Running a Spa

What is the cost of running a hot tub?

One of the core elements to making a decision about purchasing a hot tub is the expense factors involved in owning and operating one on a regular basis. It is essential that you have a balanced understanding of what it costs to run and maintain your hot tub. The costs of spa chemicals, water and electricity are all elements you need to consider as part of a hot tub purchase, which is simple to estimate with a few simple cost breakdown exercises. Let’s look at the costs of running a hot tub.

Keeping Your Hot Tub Clean With Chemicals

Regular cleaning of your hot tub is important to help keep it running smoothing and operating at its best. When the hot tub runs smoothly it helps to save on operation costs. The costs of spa parts and supplies, such as cleaning chemicals, are essential parts of the operating costs. In order to maximize the effectiveness of your hot tub chemicals, we recommend that users follow the proper guidelines for adding and handling chemicals. First, be sure to check your chemical levels one to two times each week. When you add chemicals to your spa, keep your spa running whenever you add chemicals and always only add one chemical to the water at a time. We recommend that wait at least two hours before adding another chemical, so that the products have the proper time to circulate throughout the water. Furthermore, always be sure to accurately measure the chemicals you add based on the gallons of water in the spa. This will help prevent damage to the hot tub itself and more importantly, your skin. Finally, it’s recommended that after you add any chemicals to your hot tub that you keep the spa cover open for at least 10 to 15 minutes in order to prevent the off-gasses from damaging your cover, pillows and plastic parts. A rule of thumb on chemicals is that a 5 Kg bucket can be used for two years, depending on the frequency that you use your spa. Smart use of chemicals from a quality brand can help save a lot of money in maintenance and operations in the long run. Be sure to shop our selection of Spa Boss Chemicals to find the products that fit your needs the best.

The Price of Water and Electricity for Your Hot Tub

Putting water in your hot tub isn’t a one-time deal because the water in hot tubs should actually be drained and cleaned every three months or so. Figuring out how much you spend on water for the hot tub is simple to estimate. In order to determine this monthly water cost, multiply the hot tub’s water capacity by the number of times you refill it each year. Then take that total and divide it by 12 to get your monthly water use. Finally, take the total of your monthly water use and multiply it by your cost per gallon of water. While water is a major element of your hot tub, it is actually electricity use that is a major shareholder in the overall cost of operating a hot tub. Hot tub electricity cost depends on the frequency of hot tub use, the price you pay per kilowatt hour and the temperature you keep the hot tub at to heat it. Energy- efficient hot tubs have improved over the years which have helped to reduce the amount of electricity needed. It is recommended that you shut down your hot tub during a season when you may not use it a lot, to help keep the operational cost down even further.


Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on June 18, 2013 and has been updated in order to provide a more detailed description of operation maintenance practices, tips and costs.