Costs of Running a Spa or a Hot Tub

The expense of running and owning a hot tub is the core element to deem when you decide to purchase a spa. Yet, this not so complicated factor has become a misleading sales slant these days. The wrong cost estimation of running or owning a spa results in endless dissatisfied customers. So, it is essential that you have a fair idea of what you will be spending on, once you own a hot tub.So, let’s have a look at the specific cost of running a hot tub…

Spa Chemicals:

One essential part of your spending could be hot tub chemicals. Although, this cost has slumped in the past one decade as the price of chemicals has dropped significantly. Still, the cost of spa chemicals and other maintenance products like the spa parts and supplies is an essential part of the operating cost. Chlorine and Bromine are the most common and the cheapest chemicals that can help you keep your spa clean and maintained. 5 Kg bucket can be used for two years, depending on the frequency of spa usage. Wise use of chemicals from a quality brand can save you a lot in the long run, ultimately keeping you and your spa healthy.

Hot Tub Accessories


With an average spa running two pumps and a 3kw heater, electricity bills are a major shareholder in the overall cost of owning and running a spa. The majority of spas have dual two hour filter cycles each day and this is other than the operation of the pump when the hot tub is heated. You must know that the priciest time in a hot tub is the re-fill period, where the temperature goes up for a period between 15 & 20 hours. The most helpful means to save on this expenditure is to make sure your spa cover is in good state and not waterlogged, as this can lead to heat loss that requires the heater to kick in.


Spa replacement parts, spa chemicals and hot tub accessories are an all time expense that you need to invest in, once you are a proud owner of a hot tub or spa. Always buy these products from a renowned and quality supplier as this can help you save a lot in a long run. Water and electricity cost is another consideration. Use your hot tub judiciously and shut down it for winter or summer, whenever you are not using it for a long while. So, these costs are radically reduced automatically.

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