How to Choose the Best Hot Tub Cover

Hot tubs are the perfect health companions to add to your home. The most important accessory for your hot tub is the cover. Covers promote the benefits of hot tub or spa by insulating it and protecting it from dirt, pollen, and other foreign objects that may land in the water if the spa was left open.  Because of the importance of having a quality cover, making an educated decision is beneficial.


  1. Research: Online research will give you many results quickly and easily. However, not all sources are reliable. Make sure you are using a website that is not only promoting their products.  Look at different website and collect various opinions.
  2. Size Matters: Spa covers need to fit your hot tub appropriately. A cover that is too small won’t cover the spa completely. Too large of a spa cover and it might be difficult to lift.  A correct fit on the corners is equally important to ensure the skirting is tight along the entire perimeter of the hot tub, so that no heat escapes.
  3. Quality of Material: You should choose a hot tub cover maid of material that can withstand the elements.  Your spa cover must stand up against rain, snow, UV rays, wind, and other damaging factors. A hot tub cover made of vinyl is durable enough to last for years, while still available in attractive colors, and easy to maintain.
  4. The Thickness: While most of the spa covers available are tapered, for the purpose of dealing with snow, ice, and rain, the thickness of the foam also matters while purchasing a hot tub or spa cover. Thicker covers can hold more weight, and offer more insulation. If your climate has cold temperatures and frequent snowfall, a thicker cover will be very beneficial.
  5. Cover Protection: Just like your hot tub, your hot tub covers also need protection. Use saddle soap to clean the topside of the cover and mild bleach water to clean the underside and inside.  It is also suggested to use a vinyl hydrator or conditioner to offer additional protection against UV rays.  Using a conditioner will keep the vinyle hydrated to prevent cracking and fading.
  6. Spa Cover Lifters: While purchasing a spa cover, it is important to pick the right cover lifter for your spa. The lifter makes it easier to remove the cover and then also put it back on. Using a cover lifter will help prevent dropping the cover, or other means of mishandling it, and subsequently cracking the foam pieces inside the vinyl.

Following these tips will help you to choose the best hot tub cover to fit your needs.