Smart Top Covers

8 Reasons to Buy Smart Top Covers for Your Master Spas

Smart Top Covers If you’re like most spa owners, you love your Master Spa hot tub…but hate that old vinyl cover that sits on top of it! Traditional vinyl covers get waterlogged and heavy, faded and torn, and before long they’ve lost their insulating capabilities—and it’s time to replace them yet again. If you’re tired of all the hassles that …
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5 Hot, Hot Tub Party Ideas to Try this Summer

Summers are upon us and it’s the right time to bring out the hot tub! With that comes all the fun and frolic. Kick away laziness and jot down some fun ideas for hosting a party this season. We give you five super simple ways of organizing a Master Spa hot tub party with your friends and family. 1. Treasure …
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Ten Spa Accessories That Made It to The Top In 2014

Spa accessories are something to die for. They look pretty, are very useful and come in an awe inspiring range. A dynamic market keeps innovation on its toes. Owing to the demand for ‘new’ and ‘improved’, the market players keep providing fresh designs and concepts to the market. Here are ten spa accessories that occupied the top 10 spots in …
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How Hard Water Spoils Your Hot Tub Experience

Hot tub water should be gentle on your skin. However, because of the sanitizers used in the water and because of the other chemicals the one puts in the DownEast hot tubs to keep it clean, the water inside becomes hard water. The deposits in the hard water are known as scales. When the spa gets filled with hard water, …
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Top 7 most loved posts on Hot tubs in 2013!

It’s time for the annual round-up of the 7 most popular posts on Hot Tub & Spas in 2013… 7) Hot Tub Myths – Although owning a spa or hot tub is a super luxurious and fun experience, but there are a few common myths about hot tubs… Our customers seemed much interested in these, check out our post “Top …
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Hot tub Care Guide: Maintaining the Goodness of a Hot Tub

Prepared by Master Spas, this infographic is an informative social media tool, which comes handy for all hot tub owners. Spa maintenance is not just a matter of choice. It is essential for the health and the well-being of your hot tub as well as your own body. The infographic, in pictures and facts, describes the process as well as …
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10 Awesome Places to Install Your Personal Spa

Whether it is a spring morning or a cold winter evening, soaking in a steaming spa is one of the biggest blessings of all, so to speak. Agreed that a hot tub helps one make the most out of health and rejuvenation – your bones get better, skin healthier and body gets toner. BUT there is more to a hot …
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