First things first, every luxury in life comes with a warranty. And while you must use some of the finest things in life, such as a hot tub, regularly, using them in the right way is a prerequisite. Therefore, while you spend your time in a spa to relax and rejuvenate, you have to take care of certain things to …
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The temperature of the water inside your hot tub is one of the main determinants of the spa experience that you have. Too hot, you won’t even be able to step inside and would start dreading the spa; too cold and it will have absolutely no effect on your body and health. Therefore, in a way, one can say that …
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Winter Preparations for Your Spa

Spas and hot tubs need their own share of pampering. Do you own one? In case you do, you would know how careful you have to be each time you take a spa session. Though regular maintenance of a hot tub is something that cannot be avoided, come winter and the kind of care that the hot tub requires shifts …
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Top Myths about a Spa or Hot Tub – 2

  Following the success of our post -“Top Myths about a Spa or Hot Tub” and looking at the interest of readers in knowing the hot tub myths, we decided to dispense more knowledge, so welcome the ‘Top Myths about a Spa or Hot Tub… Part 2’. Related posts:Master Spa Filters- Leading the Way in Spa Industry Hydrotherapy for Insomnia …
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Master Spas LSX1000 With The Pleasure Of A Sun Optimization Lounge

The sun is rising on a brand new ultra premium luxury hot tub like no other. Glowing lights, dancing water features, and 115 jets are just the start of what makes the 8 x 10 feet Master Spas LSX1000 the most unique hot tub ever made. Related posts:Master Spa Eco Pur Filter- Key Formula for a Safe BathType of master …
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Hydrotherapy for Arthritis and Asthma

The two most popular types of ailments people use hydrotherapy to treat are: arthritis and asthma. However, this is not to say that hot tub water is a “magic bullet” or instant cure for arthritis and asthma. But hot water therapy can actually be used for treating both the diseases. Benefits of Hydrotherapy for Arthritis Arthritis is a fairly common …
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Hydrotherapy for Insomnia and Headaches

Recently, scientists have studied the relationship between sleep and the hot water, and they’ve reached some interesting conclusions. So, can you use Hydrotherapy for insomnia and headaches? The answer is “Yes.” This is not to say that hot tub water is a “magic bullet” or instant cure for insomnia and headaches.  However, Hydrotherapy is a pleasant method for relaxation, stress-relief, …
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Deciding On Which Spa Or Hot Tub Is Meant For You!

So, finally you decided to get a spa or a hot tub at home. Buying a new spa or hot tub is a big decision and an expensive one, too. This can be confusing especially when the buyer has not done any research on hot tubs. The spa and hot tub market is overloaded with options, and it might become …
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Overview of Your Hot Tub and the Master Spa Parts!

After a long, hectic day, nothing can beat a soak in your spa. Hot tubs and spas are gaining popularity and are becoming more of a need than a luxury. It is essential to know a hot tub and check if it has the required right features. This is possible only when you have the knowledge of its parts. The …
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