4 Easy Spa Maintenance Tips

Buying a spa or hot tub is a big investment, and of course you will want to enjoy the benefits of hot tub ownership for years to come. This is achievable only if one understands the importance of routine maintenance. To ensure a safe, healthy and long-term spa experience, a spa owner ought to follow some basic spa maintenance tips.

Change water periodically

Although changing the water of your hot tub or spa depends on the frequency of your usage, you should change your water at least every 6 to 8 months. Flush the water out of the spa completely, clean the surface and refill with clean water.

Check for chemical balance

Routinely check the chemical balance of the water.  Once a week is sufficient, but it doesn’t hurt to check it more often.  Check your pH, alkalinity, and sanitizer levels according to the instructions mentioned in your owner’s manual given with your spa.

Filter cleaning

The filter is an essential part of your spa system and ensures a healthy and clean spa experience. A functional filtration system keeps the water free from debris, bacteria and other microorganisms. You must clean your filter on a regular basis by simply rinsing it with water to remove any dirt or mineral deposits. Also, take care to replace the filter as needed.

Maintain a sanitizer system

Maintaining your sanitizers is crucial to keeping your hot tub water clean.  Either chlorine or bromine are both suitable sanitizers for spa water.  Make sure to maintain the proper ppm (parts per million) as recommended by your hot tub’s manufacturer.

Taking good care of your hot tub or spa and taking time to maintain it will save you much time and money down the road.