5 Summer Hot Tub Party Ideas

Summer is upon us and the time is right to bring out the hot tub!

As with any summer activity, hot tubbing brings lots of fun and excitement. It’s time to kick away laziness and jot down some fun hot tub party ideas for hosting a party this season!

Master Spa hot tub

Here are five super simple ways of organizing a Master Spa hot tub party with your friends and family:

1. Treasure Hunt and More:

Games are never boring. Call a bunch of friends over and organize a treasure hunt in the spa area. Play with clues a simple treasure hunt, in which the ‘treasure’ would be with one person in the pool and the others have to guess based on the clues. Be sure to keep things safe for everyone.

2. Board Games:

For those who like Ludo and chess, here is good news – you can play those inside the spa as well!  So why not organize a party in which you can play a number of games inside the hot tub?! Try dividing the teams and get a little competitive. Think of all the fun you could have with a multitude of different games!

3. Refreshing food and drinks:

This is something that no one would ever say no to! When it comes to a hot tub party, any old food and drink isn’t going to work while you’re in the water. Be sure to keep your drinks light so you stay hydrated, such as cold, fresh juices and fun mocktails! As far as food, make some finger foods to enjoy so not to make any large messes!


4. Decide a Theme:

Themes always make your spa party (or any party) more fun. Ask people to come with red bags or wearing accessories of a particular color and so on. You could also give each one a movie dialogue as a part of the theme, which he or she has to utter before every sentence he or she speaks. Create a more fun atmosphere with costumes!

Make your spa experience more fun by adding music, movies, and more to your Master Spa hot tub!

5. Upbeat Music:

Music always makes the atmosphere cooler and more enjoyable… and that’s EXACTLY what you need to set the mood and have an extra epic hot tub party. Select some good tunes that you and your friends like and play them on your hot tub stereo.

Include all the above five party ideas at a single event or use them as separate themes. That is absolutely up to you and the time that you have on hand for the party in your Master Spa!

Editors Note: Content was originally created in June, 2014 and has been updated as of October, 2016 to reflect new spa tips and suggestions.