10 Exclusive Master Spas Advantages

Hi All! Here’s a video with its transcription for all our valuable readers and customers. Check how Master Spas benefit you in 10 unique ways that no other hot tub or swim spa does…

Only Master Spas offers the Master Spas advantage. Ten great features in our hot tubs and swim spas, designed to give you a safe, relaxing, and restorative experience. You can’t find all of these advantages in any other hot tub or swim spa.

Environmentally friendly manufacturing, every Master Spa is built in a state-of-the-art factory, on a 27 acre manufacturing campus in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Advanced recycling techniques are employed throughout the plant. Environmentally friendly materials are used like recycled polymer resin in the skirts, styrene-reduced resins on the shell, and spray foam insulation that releases no harmful, ozone depleting HCFCs into the atmosphere.

Clean, pure water, Master Spa’s commitment to the environment continues, with its patented Eco-Pure Filtration System that uses a unique mineral combination, that helps provide crystal clear water while reducing the needed amount of chlorine or other Sanitizers. The Eco Pur makes water maintenance easy, and it’s easy on the environment too.

Energy efficient. Every Master Spa meets the strict energy standards. A sophisticated environmental test chamber ensures that every model meets, or exceeds, both the stringent California Energy Commission standards and the new APSP 14 hot tub energy standard. The heart of the insulation system is Icynene spray foam that’s Earth friendly. Icynene foam expands up to 100 times when it’s sprayed, providing a thick blanket of insulation that keeps the warmth in, and the cold out. Saving you, cold, hard cash.

Easy maintenance. Master Spas are made with a durable, easy to care for, acrylic surface. The reliable electronic controls allow you to set the temperature and then forget it. The filter and heat cycles come on and off automatically. Keeping your Master Spa ready when you are. In addition, the rugged and handsome Duromaster premium polymer skirt is so tough, that it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Ergonomically designed seating. Everything about your Master Spa’s experience is designed to relax you. And the seating is no exception. Sophisticated CAD software allows Master Spas to design seating that cradles your body in complete comfort. There is the best seat in the house waiting for you. No matter what your size or shape.

Superior therapy. No matter what model you choose, Master Spas delivers legendary therapy. Neck, shoulders, back, arms, legs, feet, we’ve got you covered. Powerful, muscle kneading, pain relieving hydrotherapy. Plus a patented therapy not found on any other brand of spas, the Masterforce Biomagnetic Therapy. Used for centuries to help relieve pain, improve circulation, and reduce swelling. Magnetic therapy has seen its rebirth in modern medicine, but the only hot tub with it comes from Master Spas.

Enhanced safety and quality. We know that keeping your family safe and sound is the most important thing. It’s also important to Master Spas. That’s why we use advanced testing to meet or exceed the most rigorous safety standards. In addition, each Master Spa must pass over 100 quality control tests before leaving our manufacturing facility. We’re confident in our level of safety and quality, and you can rest assured that with proper care, each of our spas for years to come.

Award winning company, with award winning products. You can tell a lot about Master Spas by the company we keep. Master Spas is an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award recipient. We’re also a recipient of the APSP Inspire Award, the hot tub industry’s top honor. Plus we’ve been honored with the Mass Mutual Blue Chip Company award, and a Better Business Bureau Torch Award for marketplace ethics. Add to this numerous Consumer’s Digest Best Buy honors, including two in the past year. We just thought you should know what other people think of Master Spas.

Member of the IHTA. The International Hot Tub Association is a trade association of leading spa manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers. The IHTA works behind the scenes to ensure that hot tubs are built to applicable safety and energy standards. In addition, they work to protect both consumers and industry members from unnecessary government regulations. Also, the IHTA is a great source of information on the health benefits of hot tubs and swim spas. We are better together.

Made in the USA. All of Master Spas’ seven brands are manufactured in a 27 acre facility in the heartland of America, and shipped around the world. In a time when many spa manufacturers are willing to move jobs to other countries to increase their bottom line. Master Spas has invested millions of dollars in its factory and continues to provide hundreds of jobs in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and across the country. As a result of our commitment, tens of millions of dollars each year are put back into the local economy. We are proud to be made in the USA.