10 Awesome Places to Install Your Personal Spa

Whether it is a spring morning or a cold winter evening, soaking in a steaming spa is one of the biggest blessings of all, so to speak. Agreed that a hot tub helps one make the most out of health and rejuvenation – your bones get better, skin healthier and body gets toner. BUT there is more to a hot tub, isn’t it? The aesthetic appeal of a master spa is incomparable. So, what adds to the splendor of a hot tub or spa? The location where you install a spa.

On the terrace of your apartments, right below the blue sky, a spa awaiting you to spend a leisurely time, seems more than a luxury. It seems like the best you could ever have! If you are one of the many who love to connect with the nature, that’s best place to install your personal spa from Master Spa Legend Series.


Another way to install a spa on the terrace of your home is to envelop it with glass walls. This way, even if the weather outside is cold, your spa will stay warm and cozy. Do the décor as you wish. Place a comfy chair in a corner or simply place some plants around.

mspDo you own a backyard? That’s awesome! A spa installed in a corner of the backyard can convert the green play area into a fairytale like land. Add some romance to the space by lighting some candles around or growing some flowers around the spa.

msp-2Thinking about installing a spa indoors? Well, one of the best ways to do so is to pick an area that is a little secluded from the rest of the rooms, yet is an equally beautiful part of the home. You could convert the study into a spa section or pick the passage space between the bed and the bath for the spa.

msp-3Having access to a lawn or some greenery around your home is always a boon for those thinking about purchasing a hot tub. Now, you don’t necessarily have to place it right in the center of the lawn. You could also install the vessel right next to the stairs of your home, just like in the picture.

msp-4Got a bungalow at an exotic location like the seaside? You needn’t look hard for the right place for your own spa. It has to be nowhere else, but right opposite the seashore, facing the expanse.

msp-5No matter whether you have a lawn or not, placing a hot tub outside your home is something that doesn’t need much. It needs just a little bit of creativity. To give a personal touch to the area where you have installed the spa, add some furniture. Even a simple dining table and some chairs around do can change the whole look of the extra space in front of your home.

msp-6Installing your spa under a shed is a smart decision. This way, not only will you save some space, but will also be able to prevent bad weather such as rain and hail, from causing damage to the vessel.

msp-7Another splendidly beautiful way of installing your hot tub is making a wooden platform at a certain height and then to build an in ground spa on the wooden platform. A shed over the spa will not just prevent the water from bad weather, but will also help make the place a more aesthetically appealing one.

msp-8Doesn’t the picture below look as luxurious as luxury could ever be? If you have much spare space around the house, for example, some area where you park your cars, definitely you can use that space to install your space. But this set-up would work only if there is foliage around.