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How to Measure for a Master Spa Smartop Cover

Smartop Covers are custom-made to fit your spa’s exact size and corner measurements. It’s important to carefully measure your spa to ensure that the Smartop Cover you order will have a tight, secure fit. We recommend measuring the spa yourself using the Smartop Measuring Guide below. Feel free to print this page out and fill in appropriate measurements.

Step 1. Measure the two lengths on your hot tub (ie. A and B in diagram below)
Measuring your Smarttop Spa
  1. Measure each length in inches, and round them up to nearest ½ inch*. Then write down.
  2. Use the dimensions from the outside of your spa shell (aka do not measure the old cover).

*We recommend rounding measurements to the nearest ½ inch as a spa cover will still fit well if it is a little larger.

‘A’ Measurement:


‘B’ Measurement:


Step 2. Measure the corner radius on hot tub (shown above and close up below)
How to measure your Smartop Spa
  1. Measure the rounded corner of your spa by using a Carpenter’s Square. If you don’t have one, you can download one here.
  2. Place the square at the outside corner of the spa and find the distance between the square’s inside corner and the where it touches your spa’s corner. That distance will be your radius. (In the example to the left, the radius is 2 in.)
‘C’ Measurement:


Step 3. Measure the acrylic height on hot tub (ie. D in diagram below)
smarttop measure1
  1. Measure the height from the top of the acrylic on your spa to the bottom of the acrylic.
  2. Measure this length in inches, and round up to nearest ¼” inch.
‘D’ Measurement:


Still have questions about how to measure for your Smartop Cover? No worries, give us call today at 855-308-2149 and we will help in any way we can!